Extras, Guest Performances

Photo: Sven-Helge Czichy


  • Thu 08/25 : 8 pm

  • 7Warmer Damm
  • Entrance free

Whether you’re just curious to take a look around or you’re a regular visitor: the festival centre at Warmer Damm park is the place where the festival community will come to life. — From here the festival will light up the whole city. You can eat lunch with the artists, enjoy the last rays of the summer sun over a glass of white wine and meet people you never knew were your neighbours. Join us for the grand festival opening on the 25th of August at 8.00 pm! Not only will the light sculpture by artist Rainer Casper be lit up for the first time, but the whole park – thanks to the new lights – will be bathed in golden light! Give in to the temptation of the golden glow and take some rest and recuperation for tired Europeans!