Guest Performances

Photo: Natalia Cheban

Dmitry Krymov / Russia

  • Fri 08/26 : 9 pm

    Sat 08/27 : 7 pm

  • 1Großes Haus
  • 90 min
  • Russian and German with German surtitles
  • 25 € / 15 € / 8 € / red. 8 €

Hunting for and collecting mushrooms in the forest is a deeply Russian tradition. In Dmitry Krymov’s Russian Blues, it becomes a symbol for the futile search for happiness in today’s Russia. Krymov presents us with a very colourful satirical fairytale filled with melancholy and profound wit, performed by virtuoso actors. A sad criticism and subtle analysis of the reality of life in a country where not just artistic freedom is increasingly under threat. — A family, a few old school friends and two ice fishermen all set off to search for mushrooms. All the while observed by a commentator in a glass box above their heads. A man in our ear tells us what we should be seeing. No matter whether submarines sink or the toilet overflows: there are no problems! And in the end? They all just sit there, staring into space. The flames rising. A man in a white suit is dancing. An Olympic gymnast twists and turns above them. Russian Blues.

Dmitry Krymov – Russian Blues. Auf der Suche nach Pilzen (Wiesbaden Biennale) from Wiesbaden Biennale on Vimeo.

  • Director Dmitry Krymov Dmitry Krymov
  • Stage Designer Maria Tregubova
  • Lighting Designer Ivan Vinogradov
  • Choreography Anatoly Voynov
  • Puppets Viktor Platonov
  • Sound Designer Andrey Zachesov, Sergey Aleksandrov
  • Aquanauts Dmitry Repin, Kirill Fedorov
  • Soprano Anna Sinyakina, Olga Ermakova
  • Composition Kuzma Bodrov
  • With Natalya Gorchakova, Vadim Dubrovin, Arkadiy Kirichenko, Maksim Maminov, Sergey Melkonyan, Oksana Mysina, Kristina Pivneva, Maria Smolnikova, Evgeny Startsev, Mikhail Umanets

A production of Dmitry Krymov Lab-School of Dramatic Art.